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1. Submit Plans

Submit design plans with as much detail as possible or call for a free in home design estimate.

2. Templating

Once the final estimate is accepted, we require a deposit of 50% and the balance due upon completion of work.  Site measuring is a combination of measurements and physical templating.

3. Choosing Materials

Prior to the final measure date clients should have all their details finalized such as; their choice of countertop material, their choice of edging, purchased sink, both stove/cooktop and faucet measurements. Please note that any delay in acquiring these details may also delay the installation.

4. Fabrication
Rembrandt Stone Masters investment in the right PEOPLE  using our modern CNC equipment allows us to fabricate the best quality product in the southwest. With templates and measurements converted into a digital file, Rembrandt can now open up the virtual world of CAD overlay, allowing clients  to see the stone layout before cutting it.
5. Site Preparation
Prior to installation we ask clients to remove all items from their base cabinets and to clear the work area of any objects. We also encourage clients to make a clear path for the installers to carry the stone.

6. Installation
The installation phase can take the better part of a day and may require some final cutouts to be made in the clients home. Our team will do their best to minimize dust and make sure the site is clean after the work is complete.

7. Job Completion
Upon completion of our work and total customer satisfaction,   we kindly request the balance of the invoice to be paid in full.

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